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Green Globe


Artichoke Green Globe is a tasty perennial vegetable with large edible globe shaped flower buds that are deep green with a light purple tinge. Harvest flower buds when they are about the size of a fist and before they begin to open. Include 1.5 inches of stem with the bud when harvesting.  Boil or steam the chokes and peel off the meaty petals to dip in butter or Hollandaise sauce, then remove the "choke" and reveal a tender core that's absolutely delicious.  If not harvested, 6-inch bluish-purple, thistle-like flower heads follow - excellent in dried arrangement.  Green Globe has been proven to be the hardiest and it remains productive for at least 5 years.  A harvest of 3-4 heads can be expected throughout the summer. In fall, cut plants a few inches above the ground and mulch over. 

Chef Jeff’s Tip: Store artichokes in a paper bag in the refrigerator to increase humidity and avoid drying them out.

Full Sun
Height to 6'
Plant 4-6' Apart
180 Days to Maturity

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