The Chef Jeff Vegetable and Herb collection was inspired by a wonderful and talented Chef who has always insisted on using the freshest and best vegetables and herbs possible. During the growing season this means homegrown, fresh from the garden produce.

Chef Jeff graduated from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in New York where he learned from top chefs in the country to always use the best in building his culinary masterpieces. Chef Jeff has cooked in many fine restaurants and resorts in the US and the Caribbean. Some of them with their own gardens to provide the freshest and most flavorful produce and edible flowers and herbs for their guests.

While working as a Corporate Chef, Chef Jeff continues to cater private functions creating new culinary adventures based on the wonderful flavors of garden fresh vegetables and herbs. With notes from the various restaurant gardens, Jeff’s personal gardens, plant industry test gardens and our own gardens of up to an acre we have created this wonderful collection of plants for your garden. You are sure to find many of your favorite vegetables and herbs in the Chef Jeff collection but we hope you will also try many of the exciting, different and new varieties. Chef Jeff plants will help make your family garden rewarding and fun. They may even discover new family favories that you will want to plant year after year.
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