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Pepper Long Hot

This is the classic Italian cayenne-type pepper.  Use these 10” long by 1 ½” wide pepper whenever good spicy flavor is desired.   The large upright plant produces an abundance of slightly curved, tapered peppers that ripen from green to bright red, when they are the spiciest, and are wrinkled at the stem end.  The thin walled fruits can be dried or used to make hot pepper sauces.  Make roasted long hots by tossing in olive oil and salt or garlic, place in a single layer in baking pan, roast at 375 degrees 30-40, minutes until soft and turning brown.  Use on sandwiches, sausage or add to anything you want to spice up. 

Disease Resistance  Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Tobacco Etch Virus, and Potato Virus Y.

Full Sun
Height 24-30"
Plant 18-24" Apart
85 Days Average to Maturity

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