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Health Kick


A new, impressive tomato that is power-packed and healthy!  In comparison with any other tomato on the market today, Health Kick boasts 50% more Lycopene, the naturally occurring antioxidant normally found in tomatoes.  When tomatoes are eaten on a regular bases, studies indicate that Lycopene lowers the risk of certain diseases, including types of cancer such as respiratory, digestive and prostate.  Lycopene is what fives tomatoes their bright red color.  Lycopene is most actively released through cooking, so use in tomato sauces, soups, or pastes; but is just as delicious in salads.

Deep plum shaped, 4 oz fruits are high yielding, large, and have a vigorous growth habit and disease resistance.


Full Sun
Plant 2-3' Apart
72 Days to Maturity

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